Sunday, February 03, 2008

Fun Jeep Day.

Ray and I had about an hour this morning before lunch and decided to take the dogs on a ride in the Jeep. We went up to an overlook that has a great view of the valley and the snow higher up the mountain hasn't melted yet, well some has melted and made for a fun muddy ride. On the way up we saw a coyote running along the road, it was cool, the dogs freaked. Here's a few pics.

Nice Arizona Snow

The Jeep Enjoying a morning in the snow.

Ray and the danes enjoy our morning together.

Finally at the overlook. It's kind of funny, this was the highest point
we drove to and there was no snow up here. Go figure.


SouthAsiaRocks said...


Dan & Tammy said...

That's awesome! I think I have been to that very spot and taken some great pictures. It's so cool that I kind of grew up in the very place you are living. I mean I know I grew up in FL, but with my parents best friends there I went out there lots of summers for the whole summer. The last time I went was the winter before Dan & I got married (dec '99). That's when I saw my first snow. Anyway, enjoy the new place and exploring! My favorite Mt. there is Thumb Butte!!

Derek Sweatman said...

i am loving that banner pic! awesome shot. wish we had snow in the ATL. we don't. we never do. this makes me sad. we do have traffic though, so we've got that going for us.