Friday, February 01, 2008

We've All Done It.

There are things that we all have in common as human beings.

1. We were all babies.
2. We all have to eat and sleep to survive.
3. We all agree I am the coolest person ever.
4. We have all farted in a public place and kept on walking like nothing ever happened.

I know its not something we like to talk about it, but we have all let it slide out and never acknowledged the fact that it happened. When this happens to me I often think what its like to be the person that was following me and what are they thinking.

You know the scene, you're in the Gap checking out the clearance rack and as you turn to go check out the sale they are having on jeans you silently release a little "puffer" and there is a woman shopping for her teenage son and you know she is getting the brunt of the force. I hate that, but it happens.

Well yesterday as we were leaving our local Fry's (like Kroger for my east cost readers and Super Spar for my SA readers) and one of the people walking in front of us farted and my lovely wife and I walked through it and sucked the nasty into our precious lungs. I knew it had to be this couple because there wasn't anyone else near us and there were no piles of poop on the ground around us.

(Disclaimer: You may find the following gross/inappropriate/"why did he go there" in nature, if you are easily offended find another place to get your daily blog fix, but its not that bad.)

Have a good day.

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