Saturday, February 23, 2008

I Heart Kyser.

So the other day I posted about my (Allen's) capo that broke and how sad I was because I have been using this capo for a long time and hate the idea of buying a new one (because I am really cheap). I decided last night to check out the Kyser website to see about a new capo. Then I had the brilliant idea to contact them and see if there was anything they could do to replace my capo. Here's the simple email I sent them;

Dear Kyser,

The spring on my capo broke and I was wanting to know if there is any warranty on your products. I have really enjoyed using your product and hated seeing it break. Please let me know.

Chris Holohan

I felt it was simple and to the point, not demanding, but easy to see what I would like, a new capo.

Then this morning I received this response from Kyser, also very simple and to the point;

Yes, just send it back to us and we will send you a new one.
Nick Palmer

It worked! I am getting a new cope.....for free. I couldn't be happier. I have no idea who this "Nick Palmer" is, but you know what, I love him (I guess it could be a girl, but I assume its a man).

The snapped up capo will go in the mail tomorrow and I will hopefully receive a new one soon.

Thanks Kyser.


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Anonymous said...

Are you going to send it back to the person you stole it from?