Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tags and Alaska.


Ray and I have been in this long process to get a tag on the Jeep and today we went to the DMV and finally get everything finished. The whole process was strange because we got it and then moved here so the insurance was for AZ not GA and and and. But, its all finished now.


I have been following the training of a woman named Jill and a guy named Geoff as they train to do a winter race on the Iditarod trail in Alaska. They started the other day and you can follow the leader board here and see where everybody is.

They are both competing in the 350 mile trail race. Jill is doing it on bike and Geoff is running. Its a self supported race so they have everything the need with them the whole time. If you have a chance check out there blogs leading up to the start of the race, its pretty cool. Plus, Jill has some beautiful shots of Alaska from her training, its beautiful. Cheers.


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